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Concrete Care

How to Best Look After Your New Concrete!

Concrete Care

At Lawrence Concrete, we understand that your driveway or concrete job is a major investment. We have listed our advice and recommendations below to best look after your new asset. Some time and effort in those first days and weeks will go a long way towards ensuring your concrete cures slowly with optimum results.

Concrete can take from days to weeks to months to cure, and is dependent upon environmental conditions, ie; concrete cures quickly in warmer weather and slower in cooler months. For an optimum result, we need the concrete to retain it's moisture for as long as possible and cure slowly to help prevent cracking. On new (green) concrete, unsightly patches are a good sign that the concrete is slowly curing.

As a general guide, you will need to:

  • Keep off walking on the concrete for a minimum of three days
  • Keep all vehicles off the concrete for as long as possible for best results, but for a minimum of seven days in normal weather, and double that in the cooler months
  • Keep large vehicles, eg. Furniture trucks, moving trucks, and large freestanding pools off the driveway permanently.
  • Keep the concrete continuously wet for as long as possible, ie. get out the sprinkler. But do make it continuous rather than wet/dry/wet. If your driveway dries out too quickly without retaining its moisture, be prepared that it may crack somewhere.

After your concrete has been laid and is no longer 'green', it will be cut in a timely manner by an expert concrete cutter who is well versed in where to place concrete cuts, how many, and how far apart. Cuts are made to allow for movement caused by temperature changes and drying shrinkage. In the event your concrete cracks - you want to be able to control where it will crack and how (e.g. in a straight line instead of randomly).

Preparing for concreting is a messy business, especially during our wet Waikato winters. Please note, reinstatement around concrete completion, digger tracks if applicable etc is the responsibility of the property owner. If you have any concerns in this regard, please discuss them with us prior to commencement.

If you have concerns that the concrete may be marked after it has been laid (but prior to it fully curing) ie. the house is empty, troublesome area, neighbourhood kids drawing in the concrete, etc, then you will need to personally arrange to oversee the job after we have left the site. Should the concrete be damaged in this way please let us know ASAP as we may be able to minimise the damage for you (however, there will be a minimum callout charge for this, thank you).